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Chain Maille Supplies

We love all things Chain Maille, it's a technique we're particularly passionate about and when we found ourselves having difficulties getting hold of the jump rings we needed, we decided to start making them ourselves and our Chain Maille brand 'Maille Addict' was born!


On the Maille Addict website you'll find details of our 'Maille Addict Club', where you receive a kit in the post each month at a discounted rate, along with kits to buy and of course, jump rings...in every conceiveable size.  And if we don't have what you need in stock, we will make them to order for you.


All our rings are hand-formed, saw-cut and made in small batches to ensure a precise, superior product, and we also tumble finish our rings to smooth any burrs around the cut and make them super shiny.  If you're a chain-mailler, you'll understand why this is all important and if you're just getting into it, you'll soon realise why it's important.  Simply put, the finished quality of your chain is dependant on two things - your technique and the quality of the rings you use.  Technique comes with practise, great rings come from a great supplier and there's really nothing worse than spending time weaving a lovely chain only to be unhappy with it because the rings used weren't quite up to scratch.  Nuff said, buy great rings...from us preferably!

Surrey Jewellery School - Chain Maille Supplies Surrey Jewellery School - Chain Maille Supplies Surrey Jewellery School - Chain Maille Supplies
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