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Justine Gage

Learn more about me at:

Too Tall to Bead

My jewellery making journey...

Back in 2006 I decided to move on from quilt-making, so I signed up for bead-weaving classes. Knowing nothing about it I arrived at the first class with all of the wrong equipment, but I was soon put on the right track with the correct thread and needles.


Even from the first class I was fascinated by the infinite possibilities and started experimenting with my first ideas. Since then I have been improving my skills and researching new stitches.

3 Favourite Jewellery Making Techniques...

I mostly work in bead-weaving, so I would have to say right-angle weave, and peyote stitch, but I use hybrid variations of stitches when I’m designing, as I like to find new ways of using differently shaped beads . And the third?  Wirework, to finish off my pieces.

What excites me most about jewellery making...

For me it has always been about design, making something fabulous and original.  I love solving the puzzle of how to create unusual shapes in a manner that is attractive, stable and relatively simple to do.

Most inspired by...

Mathematical shapes! Such as regular polyhedra, Penrosetiling and the Mandelbrot set (google it!). I’m a bit of a geometry junkie!

Claims to fame...

British Bead Awards 2014 Winner: Beadwork - Non Jewellery

Favourite creation, so far...

Usually the thing I made most recently!  My award winning beaded Moroccan Miracle Box is a strong contender, and I’m particularly proud of my ‘Daisies fit for a Princess’ necklace.

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