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Rebecca Weddell

Learn more about me at:

Rebecca Weddell

My jewellery making journey...

I stumbled upon Diana East demonstrating lampwork glass beadmaking at Art in Action in 2003.  Desperate to learn more, I set up my own workshop and have since built my knowledge through lots of practice and tuition from other inspirational glass  beadmakers.  I now work, show and teach in larger premises, which are kitted out with four lampworkingtorches - the ideal location for letting fire inspire.  In between times I’ve worked hard to add strings to my jewellery-making bow in the form of creating wirework jewellery to show  off my beads, as well as that autonomously fascinating art that is chainmail.

3 Favourite Jewellery Making Techniques...

Lampwork glass beadmaking is my first passion, but wirework and chainmail in sterling silver also get a look-in.

What excites me most about jewellery making...

Aside from the pleasure of wearing something unique that I’ve created from scratch, there is nothing on earth quite so exciting as lighting up a torch and making beads frommolten glass.  Perfect!

Most inspired by...

I’m fascinated by the streaks, shimmer and grain of stone, sand and wood, and enjoy translating these effects into opaque and reactive glass.  

Claims to fame...

Awarded 1st place in the Lampwork Glass category of the2010 British Bead Awards, regular contributor to UK jewellery making magazines.

Favourite creation, so far...

A while ago I made some beads for a collaborative project Julie Holt and I had published in issue 48 of  ‘Bead’ magazine. I really liked these ‘jewels of the sea’ and felt I wanted to take the idea further.  Using the original project as a starting point, I came up with  ‘haze’ beads.  I wear one of these every day, and I love it.

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